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Redefine Healthcare - Paterson, NJ At the pain management center in Paterson, NJ, our physicians offer the newest pain relief treatments for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions. Ivy League trained sport injury doctors highly specialized in treating pain-related injuries, including back, hip, shoulder, and neck pain. Our team of best-in-class, top-rated pain specialists, led by Dr. Freeman, includes board-certified neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists, who work together to provide a collaborative, comprehensive, and integrated approach to pain management. These include spine and joint care, interventional pain management, chiropractic care, sports medicine, physical therapy, workers' compensation, and personal injury care. Don't let pain control your life any longer. Take the first step towards pain-free life and schedule an appointment in a new cutting-edge, state-of-the-art pain management and sports injury clinic in Paterson, NJ. If you require immediate and effective treatment for acute pain, call our pain center at (973) 310-6507 to find a doctor near you. Most patients come to our practice from the surrounding communities and cities, including Downtown, Eastside, Hillcrest, Riverside, Peoples Park, Sandy Hill, South Paterson, Stoney Road, Wrigley Park, and Totowa. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/KkSB7RN9ZAFMnkfFA Website: https://redefinehealthcare.com/contact-us/paterson-nj/ Redefine Healthcare - Paterson, NJ 922 Main St suite 101 Paterson, NJ 07503 (973) 310-6507 (732) 906-9600 https://redefinehealthcare.com Nearby Locations: Paterson, Totowa, Woodland Park, Clifton, Elmwood Park, Garfield 07503, 07511, 07512, 07013, 07424, 07407, 07514, 07026 Working Hours: Monday - Friday: 8AM - 8PM Payment: cash, check, credit cards.

You’ve just finished helping your best friend move and are now experiencing acute shoulder pain. Someone just rear-ended you at a stoplight, and your seat belt is now causing pain in your left shoulder. That last golf shot triggered noticeable right shoulder pain, and you’re concerned about maintaining your handicap. All these factors and more may contribute to your need for shoulder pain treatment. Redefine Healthcare’s pain management doctor works hard to treat the underlying cause of your pain so you can get back to doing what you enjoy. Identifying whether your shoulder pain is caused by a muscle or ligament injury or an injury to the shoulder joint allows your physician to provide you with the best treatment possible. Read more: https://redefinehealthcare.com/shoulder-pain/


Hip pain can make your life miserable. Your Redefine Healthcare doctor specializes in finding a solution, whether your pain occurs while you’re standing, sitting, or trying to sleep. Knowing the exact location of your pain in the hips helps your doctor determine the underlying cause and tailor an effective treatment. Because pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including both traumatic injuries and painful diseases, you should seek treatment as soon as possible. Untreated hip pain may cause you to be unable to walk, run, or twist your upper body. Consult a specialist at our NJ pain clinic to learn how to protect these strong, load-bearing joints and remain mobile. Read more: https://redefinehealthcare.com/hip-pain/


Dr. Eric D. Freeman, pain management doctor is the medical director and founder of Redefine Healthcare. As a leading New Jersey pain physician he holds numerous board certifications in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine and is a certified independent medical examiner. Dr. Freeman has dedicated his life's work to providing his patients with the most comprehensive state-of-the-art pain care presenting them with the best pain management treatments and the opportunity to live a healthy, active, and pain-free lifestyle. Dr. Freeman among the best pain management doctors in New Jersey specializes in treating patients with all types of pain conditions with a focus on spine disorders, herniated and degenerative discs as well as arthritic joints and sport medicine injuries. His expertise is in minimally-invasive spinal procedures as well as non-surgical orthopedic care. Read more: https://redefinehealthcare.com/eric-freeman/

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