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If you found your way here, you must be interested in personal growth and being your best self. What I offer is straightforward, and focused on empowering you to take steps toward a more fulfilling life. I provide personal and leadership coaching to individuals, as well as retreats for organizations. A single session enables you to bring into focus what you need to do in order to remedy a situation, or to be successful in a particular area. Multiple sessions lead to greater self-awareness, a broader perspective, and a stronger ability to use thoughts and emotions in a positive and productive way. Retreats improve your ability to succeed as a leader and within a team. Organizations interested in people-centered and conscious leadership are the best fit for the retreats I offer.

WANT TO LEARN HOW YOU LEAD? Let the horses tell you! Horses are straightforward and fair in their relationships. Their communication is clear. They don’t judge, blame or hold grudges. Their boundaries are well defined and respectful. The leader can move in entire herd with the flick of an ear. Although they are powerful beings, they understand that a display of power is not the best way to get others to follow. A horse will mirror your leadership style and habitual actions that help or hinder your success. To learn more, contact liza@mybestselfcoach.com or visit www.mybestselfcoach.com


Align your life with your interests and inspire others. www.mybestselfcoach.com


Tidy up your internal landscape and spring-clean for self-care! Uncover the gems within you that make you feel alive and the junk that can be let go. Start by asking yourself 3 questions. Do I love this part of myself? Am I consciously connected to this part of myself? Does this part of myself serve me well in my life now? If your answer to these questions is no, it’s time to let go. Yes! I’m ready to let go. →→→ www.mybestselfcoach.com

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