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Mike and Ellen Bittner, founders of Hyperbaric Centers of California, Inc., discovered the treatment for their children, Sam and Deanna. Having sought out and tried a myriad of treatments over several years, HBOT proved to show dynamic benefits for both children. Because the family had to travel from their home to find HBOT treatment, Mile and Ellen decided to bring this successful therapy to the children and adults in and around Ventura County. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a prescribed treatment approved by the FDA and AMA in which a person breathes 100% medical grade oxygen while under increased pressure. During treatment, one may relax by watching a movie, reading, or just resting. The Healing power of oxygen under pressure has been well documented and supported by scientific research and clinical trials. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, high levels of oxygen dissolve into the blood, plasma, and tissues. HBOT allows oxygen to reach areas where there is little blood flow due to inflammation, injury, infection, or disease. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes the growth of new blood vessels, which then enhances blood flow, tissue growth, and the body's ability to heal.

It's a beautiful day in Ventura and we are so happy to be a new Favly Business Member!

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