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Based in Ojai, California and serving the entire Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, Alpha Stone Inc. is a fully licensed design-build contracting company, creating innovative indoor and outdoor hardscapes and structures that will improve and enhance your leisure, recreation, and entertainment areas. We install hardscapes and livingscapes specific to each client's lifestyle, environment, and home, achieving a harmonious balance that will provide many years of enjoyment. Our services include all aspects of hardscape such as driveways, walkways, retaining walls, custom entry-gates, pavers, water features, porches, patios and outdoor fireplaces and kitchens. The design process for each home's exterior should be both exciting and interactive to suit your desires. Alpha Stone takes into consideration individual tastes and surroundings, employs our professional knowledge and experience, and presents the ideal plan resulting in uniqueness, added property value and maximized environmental harmony. While we can and do design and construct many of our projects, we also work with your architect or designer to make your vision a reality. The projects on this site reflect both our own designs and our collaborations with our industry colleagues. For inspiration Chester Jagiello, President of Alpha Stone Inc., has traveled the world exploring ancient civilizations in Egypt and Peru. Civilizations that have excelled in stone craftsmanship at the highest level, a level that is impossible to recreate even with our modern technology.

I am hosting a guided tour of Peru July 12-19 in 2018 to study the awesome masonry techniques of the Inca civilization. Contact me for more info at 805-701-4507


I have 5 tons of Cherokee Flagstone pool coping for sale. $200 per ton. Original cost was $400. You pick up and haul.


Greetings from Baalbeck, Lebanon home of the largest manufactured limestones in entiquity weighing over 1,200 tons! Im not sure how they cut, moved and placed these megalithic stones thousands of years ago because we can not even dothis today with our current technology.


Hello from Petra Jordan. These absolutely monumental motifs are perfectly carved into the sand stone in these remote canyons. I believe Alpha Stone Inc can make one of these for you! ha ha

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