Favly (Fᾱve-ly)

Introducing Favly

Favly is the most trusted way to personally refer and introduce your friends, family and colleagues to the best local businesses.

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How It Works

Through the Favly app, you can easily ask your friends and contacts for a business or professional they would highly recommend. Word of mouth is our preferred, most trusted way to find the businesses we are looking for.

  • Ask for a referral from your contacts, colleagues or the local Favly community.
  • Give a referral to your contacts, colleagues and the local Favly community. The best relationships are built through sharing.
  • Say "Thank You". Show your appreciation with a local gift card for a great referral or a job well done.
  • Manage and Organize your contacts with a proprietary Custom Folder system. Easily and efficiently make calls, send texts or create emails right from your Favly app.
  • Get Your Projects Done!

Ask for a Referral

Need a trusted referral? Favly lets you ask your known and trusted contacts or the local Favly community. You can verify any referral simply by looking at their Favly Score.

The Favly Score is our trademarked algorithm. It ranks the best businesses, professionals and service providers which have been referred, shared and favored by your local Favly community. At Favly, we trust our friends and follow their lead.


Give a Referral

Be a giver! Share with friends and colleagues your trusted contacts, this will help them with their search, projects and requests. Sharing is caring.

Send a personal note with your referral to make the appropriate introduction.


Say Thank You!

Show your appreciation for a "great referral" or a "job well done" with a quick note or gift card from a favorite local neighborhood retailer or business. It's easy, fun and shows you care!

Welcome to the Favly family!

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